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Who We Are and What We Do

eObservations was founded to provide tools to school administrators that meet teachers’ needs to receive meaningful, specific, non-judgmental feedback on their classroom performance. 

eObservations specializes in developing and providing classroom observation tools that focus on teachers’ pedagogy – specifically teachers’ use of high-yield, research-based instructional strategies in their classrooms with students. By collecting teacher performance data with these tools, the observers then share the data with teachers and help them reflect on their practice.

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Our flagship tool, the Teacher & Observer: Partners for Success (TOPS) cycle, is designed to help administrators standardize and prioritize feedback in order to help teachers grow their craft in a logical manner. This keeps administrators on the same page and helps teachers take ownership of their own professional growth. To use this form, observers conduct short, targeted observations, provide bite-sized chunks of feedback to the teacher in the form of a growth step, and note when the teacher has mastered the growth step. The steps are based on the research of Hattie’s (2009) Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement.

This content of this tool is available for free here. Sign-up for eObservations to use it with our fully integrated electronic observation system.

testimonials has been a remarkable support system to my administrative team, as it allows us to provide immediate feedback to teachers. The technology is accessible and easy to utilize and provides me access to all walkthrough data throughout the year. We can run reports and have meaningful conversations with teachers.
cathy worley jamestown high school principal
Dr. Catherine Worley
Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership, Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools
Page County Public Schools values and utilizes the eObservations online tools. We are preparing for our third school year, using these observation tools and have found them effective in many ways. First, we value the instructional practice research behind them. Secondly, we enjoy the ability to focus on specifics (i.e. cognitive questioning, student engagement, high-yield behaviors, etc.) Finally, add the flexibility and accountability of central office access and we believe that your product is a great tool for instructional success.
Paul Johnson
Dr. Paul Johnson
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Business Operations, Page County Public Schools
Our schools have found eObservation forms to be a vital tool for classroom walkthroughs and school improvement efforts. The variety of research-based observation forms available has enabled our instructional teams to conduct targeted walks focused on particular areas of interest for each classroom. I highly recommend eObservation as an indispensable tool for administrators.
dr. raymond haynes
Dr. Raymond L. Haynes
Superintendent, Hampton City Schools provides me with an accurate, measurable, and consistent way to fully asses what is going on in the classroom to impact the quality of instruction. There are a wide variety of formative assessment tools to choose from. Strengths include its ease of use, wide variety of formative assessment tools and being all online!
michael cataldo
Dr. Michael Cataldo
Director of Accountability and Technology, Adjunct Professor at Darden College of Education has been the vehicle for increased communication in my practice. The Student Engagement Observation Tool has been instrumental in shifting the focus in classrooms to student engagement and the use of high-yield instructional strategies. Use of these tools fosters immediate feedback by allowing administrators to send the observation form electronically as well as, serve as an online data source for monitoring trends and themes for each teacher to use as a guide for progress.
Dr. Amy Stamm
Principal, Kew Kent County Public Schools
The tools at give school leaders a means by which they can gather, maintain, utilize and review data. Utilizing the website gave us the ability to collect observation data of varying research-based practices, provide formative feedback, and view data reports to identify trends. These are functional tools that will benefit any administrative team in having those effective data-driven conversations. We are a testimony to this!
Heidi Brezinski
Dr. Heidi Brezinski
Principal, Hampton City Schools


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