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How-To Videos

This video walks school administrators through the steps of managing their faculty rosters. Users will see how to add new teachers to their school’s faculty roster or how to remove  teachers no longer a part of the staff. This video also addresses how to edit teachers’ names and e-mail addresses.

In this video, we walk through the use of the User Statistics feature. This tab permits school administrators to see the number of observations by observer, form type, grade level, and subject. The data is presented in table format and also represented graphically. School administrators can set the date range as they desire or use the default (September 1 to current date).

While users frequently generate reports in eObservations, some schools and school districts we work with also like to be able to manipulate the observation data captured in eObservations on their own. This video provides an overview of how to download CSV files.

The View Observations tab can be used to access a variety of observation data. For example, it is used by school administrators at year’s end to isolate select teachers’ formative observations for use in completing summative observations. It can be used by administrators and/or coaches to prepare for grade level or department meetings. This video walks observers through the different uses of the View Observations tab.

This video walks users through how to use the School Reporting tab to run reports specific to select observation forms. For example, administrators use this feature to examine whether trend data indicate they are seeing more effective implementation of select high-yield strategies noted within a particular form as the school year progresses.